Comprehensive Solutions for the Energy Sector in Israel

ShareGas operates in the growing energy infrastructures sector in Israel, providing  a wide solutions portfolio  for asset owners.
ShareGas main focus is on supporting energy companies to manage and maintain their assets in the most efficient way.

In this way, ShareGas fulfils its vision to preserve the environment and to act according to sustainability values.


"  We’re glad to see that beyond the obvious economic benefits of proper maintenance over time, awareness of sustainability is gaining momentum.
With our extensive engineering experience and in-depth knowledge of local and international requirements and regulations, we can provide our clients the safest, most efficient and economical solution for their business. 


Asset Care
״ Smart maintenance and continuous monitoring are key to successful management of existing assets and extending their lives. Failures and anomalies which could not be monitored until recently, can be accurately monitored today. ״

Systems and Products
״ In-depth understanding of local regulations, along with extensive engineering knowledge, allow us to provide ‘tailor-made’ solutions for the infrastructure owner. These services can be ‘turnkey’ projects or a specific equipment solution ״